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Error: No permission to save file


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I have a problem with Cachly lately.

I'm becoming following error message:


You don't have permission to save the file "GC7ZNY4" in the folder "Photos".

(see picture)

I was trying to add picture to personal note. Premium user of Geocaching.com

Cachly v. 7.1.3 on iPhone 15 Pro Max iOS v iOS 17.4 (21E217) - public beta 4

I can find any cause or a way to fix it. (iPhone setting and so on...)


What can I do? Any Ideas?


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In this fall, I did't change anything. I was usin Cachly a maybe one month ago on Grand Canaria and everything was fine. Yesterday I wanna to save a pic to personal note (as usually) to a cache I was actually searching and than..... this error. 

Should I try to delete iCloud backup of Cachly and turn it on again?

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1 hour ago, MMDE said:

No, I don't see such a folder there, although it was there before. I don't know what happened, but I didn't delete it at 10000000%. :(

iCloud creates a Cachly folder and that is where all the files are placed. In Files, do you see iCloud Drive? That is where the Cachly folder is located.

Maybe iCloud Drive got turned on in settings on your phone?

Next thing it try is to logout of iCloud and back in.

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I can mark it as SOLVED.

I reall don't have any clue, how's it possible, but the original Cachly folder with 2 subfolders Photos and Photos 2 was really deleted.

Even though I manually created a Cachly folder and a Photos subfolder, adding a photo to a private note didn't work.

Only when I restored the completely mysteriously deleted original folder created by the app and all the files in it in iCloud, adding a photo works again. 

I'm not a lame when it comes to iCloud and the whole Apple ecosystem as well as the digital world and life, but I really can't explain this in any way. Simply "X-Files."


a) problem solved 
b) thank you for your efforts and willingness to help.

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