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Searching caches doesn't always highlight them

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I haven't figured out the pattern, but Cachly is unpredictable when searching a list of caches.

I usually search on the GC code, and the results can be:

  1. Live map scrolls to cache, and label is popped up — the ideal response
  2. or Live map ignores search


  1. Offline map doesn't scroll to the searched cache, but does reduce the caches down to just the searched cache (without popping label up)

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Clear map on refresh is off.

Live map issue is inconsistent, but this will sometimes reproduce it.  Seems to be related to searching for a cache which is already on the map.

  1. have a bunch of caches loaded
  2. tap one
  3. tap the info box
  4. tap the cache code to copy it
  5. back out
  6. tap somewhere else on the map to dismiss the info box
  7. move the map so the just selected cache is off the screen
  8. zoom in
  9. paste the cache code into the search box and hit search
  10. map will stay in current position, cache isn't selected

For offline maps, maybe it's working as intended so a feature request?  If I search for a cache code or small number of caches, it would make sense for Cachly to scroll the map to the results.

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