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Images lost when refreshing a single cache

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when I refresh a single cache in a list with "pull to refresh", the images are lost - number of images drops to whatever single-digit number and they are grayed out.

Steps to reporoduce:

  • create a list
  • add a cache there
  • use "download images" from list three-dot menu
  • go to the cache detail from the list
  • use "download more images"
  • ... now you have let's say 50 images
  • use "pull to refresh"
  • ... images are lost
  • from cache detail go back to the list
  • and again to the cache detail
  • ... the images are there again

This is quite annoying, and I found that the last three steps "fix" it just today after months of wondering what is happening.

Thanks for a great app :)


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