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Three caches limit

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Hi guys! 

I'm fairly new to the whole geocaching world and super new to Cachly. 

I was wondering why is Cachly limited to viewing only 3 caches per day (without the premium) when there is no limit on the official geocaching.com app? 

Plus, Cachly is a payed app, so I'm really confused.

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Welcome to Geocaching and Cachly. 

The 3 cache limit is not Cachly but Groundspeak/Geocaching.com . The last I recall, there official app didn't have a 3 cache limit butt restricted the caches to only those with a 1.5 or less difficulty abed terrain rating. Groundspeak imposes the 3 cache limit on partner apps like Cachly but there is no difficulty/terrain limit. 


Does it make sense- maybe to Groundspeak. Nothing that Cachly can do though as it's a requirement that Groundspeak requires Cachly and other apps to follow. 

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