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Sort by 'Most recent log = DNF'


In live searches or offline lists, it would be useful in the 'List' mode (i.e. on the Map/List toggle) if you could sort by the criteria 'Most recent log(s) = DNF'.

This would allow you to do a quick health check on a series or area.

I realise you can scroll down and easily scan for this information, but being able to sort by it would be helpful.

I tried to do this on an offline list by using filters {Log Type = Didn't Find It} but this identifies all caches with DNF logs on them, irrespective of how recent they were.

Happy New Year :)

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I've been thinking about this a bit more, and sometimes caches in poor health may have a 'Needs Maintenance' or even a 'Needs Archiving' log after a spate of DNFs, so maybe the filter could use logic that discounted 'healthy' activity, e.g.

Last log is

≠ found it

≠  owner maintenance

≠  coordinate update

≠ write note

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