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Streamline adding to offline list



I frequently create offline lists that are often along a route, and this usually means multiple invocations of Add To List either from the map page or from the cache page itself. After Add To List has been selected, two more steps are necessary: 1) select the desired list and 2) then click Save. Not complicated at all but a bit tedious when doing multiple additions (whether for individual caches or groups of them) in succession. 

YouTube on iOS has a very efficient way to add items to a playlist: Click the button to add the item, and it's automatically saved to the last used playlist. There is, however, a small popup window that momentarily appears at the bottom of the screen to change to another playlist if desired (see screenshot attached). Something like this would really be nice in Cachly! Or if if there's a more efficient way that I have missed, a pointer to it would be great!



YouTube playlist dialog.JPG

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