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Bug: Flickering screen when using custom tile maps.

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After I updated to iOS 15 (and now 15.0.1) I'm experiencing flickering / reloading of tiles when using custom tile maps. I've tested two different sources and I'me experiencing the same issue with them both. If i use Offline-maps or any of the built in maps the issue goes away. The issue only shows up when navigating to a cache. When I'm only the map there is no issue.

The tile maps that I've tested (they are only of Sweden):

You can see a recording of the issue here:

I'm using:
iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 15.0.1
Cachly 7.0.5 (1)

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I am experiencing exactly the same issue with flickering custom tile maps when I am navigating to a geocache.  The issue is the same with any tiled map, also OSM. Cachly is redrawing, and possible downloading, the same tiles again and again, with the flickering as result. Extremely annoying! I guess this is another IOS 15 issue. i am using an iPhone 11 Pro, IOS 15.0.1 and Cachly 7.0.5.


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