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OBJ in Log When Using Talk to Text


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When I talk to text to write my log, the log as it appears on the Geocaching website has a box with OBJ in it. This most often happens when I have a template already set up and talk some text in prior to the template text. The OBJ then appears between the talk section and the template section. An example log appears here with the OBJ in the middle of the text.

I have edited all the logs already, but this past weekend all my logs had the OBJ at the end. I was deleting some template text first and then talk to text the entire log.

What can I do to make this stop happening?


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Just now, Nic Hubbard said:

There is an invisible character getting added, which looks like a space. Make sure to do some testing to see if it is a part of your text template.

I will delete my current template and start fresh to see if that makes the OBJ go away. When I edit the logs, all I have to do is backspace over a blank space and it deletes it.

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