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Image Downloads Won't Complete


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I downloaded a PQ last week and for some reason the images never downloaded. I am not sure if I was supposed to leave it on that screen until it was finished or what. Either way, I can go back to that screen now and nothing is happening. However, there is a red notification on my downloads tab and you know how annoying that can be. Here is a video of what I am talking about. 


I will upload a photo as well. 

I have it just sitting on that screen now and will see if it starts downloading after a couple of minutes. Nothing so far. 


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20 minutes ago, Nic Hubbard said:

You don't have to stay on the downloads screen, but downloading does pause when you leave Cachly.

Does this happen for all PQs? Or just this specific one? I tested my own PQ with 2322 images and they all downloaded.

I stayed on the downloads screen and nothing happened. When I ran that PQ into a list again, the Images now shows 0 of 5466!!! So it appears even more blocked up than it was before. So the question is how can we cancel or delete a downloading images and the bigger question for you is how do we get this working again? 

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3 minutes ago, Nic Hubbard said:

If you browse to the Cachly documents folder by going to the Files app in iOS, or on your computer, you can delete the downloading_session_with_config.plist file.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 9.48.28 AM.png

Thank you for fixing that. I think I will wait until the next PQ I download to try it again and see if the issue is resolved. I have nothing I need to download right this second. Thank you. 

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