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Flickering maps

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Hi, Cachly is great but after upgrading my iPhone 8 to iOS 13.2.3 the map flickers when navigating to a cache in map mode. It seems the map is redrawing or re-rendering the tiles about once per second, maybe faster. This seems to affect some but not all maps (seen with Apple standard maps, Open CycleMap and custom UK OS tiles via the Bing link). I wondered if this was related to trying to use with an Apple Watch but I uninstalled Cachly from the Watch and am still seeing the issue.

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25 minutes ago, TheDoctor12 said:

Good point, email sent

Thank you. I just watched it.

This happens because the Standard Offline Maps are old technology and is quite slow at drawing the map tiles.

Have you tried our new Premium Offline maps? This is our next generation offline maps that are extremely fast, detailed, beautiful and updated very frequently. Please give them a try as I think you will be quite pleased!

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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2 minutes ago, TheDoctor12 said:

It is doing it with some online maps too e.g. Open Street Map. It seems to be continually redrawing the tiles.

Thanks, I can replicate this. It seems this is a new iOS 13 specific bug. Testing some of our other devices, pre-iOS 13 do not have the issue. I will get this bug logged.

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