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  1. TheDoctor12

    Download stalls for more than half of my PQs

    I'm not sure if this is related or a separate issue, but when loading a GPX with a number of caches and asking to update corrected co-ords or user notes, there is a 1-minute pause at regular intervals with a red banner and countdown at the top of the screen. Is this intentional or another API issue?
  2. The title says it all really, as it's not showing up on the Mac App Store I assume it doesn't at the moment but wondering if it can be made to, it would be handy to be able to use it cross-device
  3. TheDoctor12

    Another iOS 13 oddity? - duplicate EC photos

    Sorry for the late update, I've not been able to repeat this since, maybe it was an API issue.
  4. TheDoctor12

    Another iOS 13 oddity? - duplicate EC photos

    Just added a photo to a trad today and no issue. I will try another EC in a day or two and see what happens. The method I've been using is to write the log directly on GC.com, then to find the log in Cachly and use the "add photo" function to edit the log so I can add the photo directly from my phone.
  5. Hi I've noticed another oddity. When adding photos to logs I tend to write the logs first on my laptop then go into Cachly to add the photos. I've noticed with a couple of EarthCaches I've logged recently that some of the photos appear twice. In once case I added a single photo to the log and it was duplicated. Today I've logged another EC with two photos, and the first photo appeared twice (so log when viewed subsequently then showed photo 1, photo 2, photo 1 again). However this didn't happen with a virtual I logged at a similar time. More details on request ...
  6. TheDoctor12

    Flickering maps

    It is doing it with some online maps too e.g. Open Street Map. It seems to be continually redrawing the tiles.
  7. TheDoctor12

    Flickering maps

    Good point, email sent
  8. TheDoctor12

    Flickering maps

    Yes I can, would you prefer it posted here or sent separately?
  9. TheDoctor12

    Flickering maps

    Hi, Cachly is great but after upgrading my iPhone 8 to iOS 13.2.3 the map flickers when navigating to a cache in map mode. It seems the map is redrawing or re-rendering the tiles about once per second, maybe faster. This seems to affect some but not all maps (seen with Apple standard maps, Open CycleMap and custom UK OS tiles via the Bing link). I wondered if this was related to trying to use with an Apple Watch but I uninstalled Cachly from the Watch and am still seeing the issue.