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Multiple custom tiles URL in one map

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Maps in my country has multiple tile layers for one map, for example map data are one png layer and labels are in other png layer. In applications like leaflet I can add multiple tile url under one map. Can I do the same in cachly?

Thanks for answer, have a nice day!

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Hello and thanks for answer.

I'm from Czech Republic, here is example:

aerial tile:


label tile:


In leaflet:

map = L.map(canvas, options)
layers = [
	L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/bing/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions),
	L.tileLayer('//mapserver.mapy.cz/hybrid-sparse-m/{z}-{x}-{y}', mapySatMapOptions).bringToFront()

for(i = 0; i < layers.length; i++) {

I'm surprised that I'm alone with this request. Please, consider implementing. Thanks :)

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