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Coordinates from Cachetur not recognized in note


A friend uploaded his Cachetur route and shared it with me. There were a few caches with corrected coordinates. I copied (copy to iPhone clipboard ) the coordinates from the Cachetur app into Cachly notes (I like to have a copy of my corrected coordinates there for reference). I was expecting Cachly to recognize them as coordinates so I could long press on it and set as corrected coordinates, but Cachly didn't highlight and underline.

However Cachly did recognize the coordinates when I created a new waypoint and pasted the text in the text filed of the new coordinates screen.

This is the format that Cachetur provides:   N49º 57.238' W125º 22.801'

Not sure if it's the format of the degrees symbol (shows with a line below it when I pasted them in my e-mail and in Word).


Thanks Nic for all your efforts.Time for another tip.

Cachetur coordinates.JPG

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It looks like the issue is that the degree sign is actually not a degree sign, but rather the masculine ordinal indicator. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordinal_indicator under the Usage section. Checking the unicode of the character from Cachetur shows that this is true.

I will make sure that Cachly can account for this in future versions.

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