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Filter on owner name is case sensitive?

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I’m using a filter on an offline list, Owner Text matches ‘skindo’.  It picks up a different set of caches from ‘Skindo’.  Same outcome for ‘contains’.

Please consider a more useful and standard approach of making the search case insensitive.

Cachly 5.1.4

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17 minutes ago, barefootguru said:

I just tried on a 2nd device:  cache 'GC397JN Xeyr cache burada yoxdur' in my offline list has an owner of 'Skindo'.  If I set the filter to Owner Text Matches 'skindo' it disappears.

In this specific case you are using the MATCHES operator which is a regex style match, so this would be cast sensitive. You would need to do a specific regex case insensitive match like


 in order to make this work.

You can use a different operator like Begins with or Contains to ignore case.

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Thanks for checking, that did solve my issue.  And great that Cachly supports regex!

A few suggestions for consideration:

1. rename Matches to Regular Expression — I can see people getting pretty confused when they expect a dot to match a dot, etc.

2. add an Exact Match option, which would perform a straight text search like I was trying to do

3. make regular expression searches case insensitive by default

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