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X on live screen not clearing all caches from screen

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I have noticed this at lease twice. The most recent was on 5.1.4 (2), not sure about the other time I noticed it.

I downloaded about 1200-1500 caches (live screen using the reload button). I did a few things, moved the screen, opened a cache, I think I updated corrected coordinates and then I tried to clear the screen with the X button (lower right), but not all the caches cleared. The X button went away. I reloaded some more caches, the X button came back. I pressed the X button, the caches that just loaded cleared, but all the rest were still on the screen.

Here are 2 pictures. One before I hit the X button, one after. Note the X button is gone, but the caches are still on the screen



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It happened twice again today. I was thinking it was related to loading a larger number of caches, but it happened with 100-200 caches today. I might be related to opening a cache and updating corrected coordinates (or not).

Here is a picture of when i tried to clear the screen (X box is gone) and an error message when I tried to add the caches on the live screen to a list (I selected the 3 dots on the top left corner). it seems the app thinks there are no caches on the screen.



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