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Export list to GPX as non-zip file


Hi Nic, Team,

I noticed when I export a list to GPX and mail it to myself or others, the GPX-file is zipped. Because it is zipped, a receiver of the GPX-file cannot import it directly into Cachly. Is there a reason why the file is zipped (beyond the obvious answer to make the file smaller)? Or is there a work around to import a zipped GPX-file directly into Cachly? If not, can you add a setting or option to Cachly to decide as the sender to have the file sent as plain GPX or Zipped-GPX?

Thank you!

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You can import a zipped GPX file into cachly today. If you have an email with the zip file, open the email and open the zip file. Tap your mail program's Share icon and you should see Cachly listed. Importing a zip and GPX is the same process. 

If the above doesn't work for you, which iPhone mail program are you using and which step in the process stops you from proceeding?

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@ Team DEMP

I'm using the standard IOS Mail functionality. When I receive a zipped GPX-file and select it, the preview page only gives a link to "Preview Content". Opening the link shows the XML of the GPX.

But now you mention it, I hadn't noticed the share button in the right top of the ZIPped-file's preview page before. That does indeed give me an option to "Copy to Chachly". So this "issue" is solved now. Thanks for helping out.

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