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offline Caribbean maps

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I'm looking for the offline maps for St Martin/St Johns/St Croix. I assume they are part of the Central America maps ( which is a HUGE file size to take up for a couple tiny islands-yes I know there is more included). I have downloaded that a couple times but it never shows up in the offline map list with my other maps, although I get the message "map already downloaded" every additional time I try to get it...

1st- is that the right map for me

2nd Where can I view it??



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  1. Yes, that is the correct map. I just tested it and it looks great and contains all of the Caribbean. 
  2. Once the file is downloaded and installed, it will show up in the main list of offline maps. Maps download in the background, but if you have an old device the installation process could stop in the background if iOS wants it to. Have you tried downloading the file and staying on the downloads page (again, you shouldn't have to do this)?

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