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  1. Fred

    offline Caribbean maps

    I tried again, but this time I deleted 2 states I had and this time it showed up. Shouldnt be a memory problem, I have 12 gig available still. but anyway Its there now- Thanks
  2. Fred

    offline Caribbean maps

    I'm looking for the offline maps for St Martin/St Johns/St Croix. I assume they are part of the Central America maps ( which is a HUGE file size to take up for a couple tiny islands-yes I know there is more included). I have downloaded that a couple times but it never shows up in the offline map list with my other maps, although I get the message "map already downloaded" every additional time I try to get it... 1st- is that the right map for me 2nd Where can I view it??
  3. I like the Friends info now supplied but would really love to see 1 more number added to the end of the "finds/hides" numbers and that is "new finds since last checked". So if I looked at my friend last week and he then had 100 finds, and he found 10 more over that week - the finds would show 110 today, but I would also like to see a number at the end of the same line showing "10" so I knew he found 10 since I last looked. so it would look like "Found 100, Hidden 20, New finds 10 "