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Understanding filters

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I'm trying to understand the operation of filters with multiple logic steps but must be doing something wrong. As an example consider this logic:

(Favorites less than 3) AND (Favorites greater than or equal to 2)

Unless I'm misunderstanding, this logic should produce only caches with exactly 2 favorites. Yet when I apply it to my offline list (Cachly 5.0.1, iPhone XS Max, iOS 12.1.4), all caches are returned even though there is one with the desired 2 favorites. But maybe I'm misinterpreting the Filters dialog and how to set it up. A screenshot of my logic is attached.

What am I missing or doing wrong? 


Filter AND.png

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I just looked at the code and it looks like when more than one favorites filter is used I was incorrectly using an OR rather than an AND, which would always return all results. I have fixed this and it will be in 5.0.2.

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