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Waypoints on the map, sometimes there, sometimes not


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(Cachly 5.0) I have a cache with several user waypoints, and two cache waypoints.  The first time I navigated to the cache, the map showed all the waypoints as I would expect.  However, if I navigate to it again, it only shows the cache waypoints.  I can go into the list of user waypoints, click on the one I want, and it will navigate to that waypoint, but now none of the other waypoints are displayed.  One way it seems I can get it to show all waypoints again is to quit the app, and restart it.

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After I ran into that problem, i found another possibly related one, at one point, some of the user waypoints showed up with a different icon and a label.  (See picture)  Soon it resolved itself and they were all blue.  But I had seen some of these red icons before earlier in the day for cache waypoints and was not sure what was going on.


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