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Update 5


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Hi there all,

just put my phone on to find it has updated to 5. But now when I search I get all caches in my area and other areas as FTF taged.

all the ones we have found are showing up as not found ie no smiley face..


ok so I have turned off the FTF in settings so that has got rid of the tag.. but all of the caches in the search area are showing as unfound ( no smiley face)

still confused!!!

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I am in the UK as well with similar issue on ftf tag

My nearest GC is GC1WJPM. ( Mine)

All locals are ftf

I attach a screen dump. It only seems to be on opening screen at my home location 

If I pan away elsewhere it does not happen

This is Hertford in .uk 20 m north of London


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