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  1. Jaki-Worthing


    Hi all Both Mrs JaKi and I run iPhoneX and we are both on 5.1.4 (2) on my phone stars are shown on our owned caches but on Mrs Jaki’s phone they are not. I have looked at and compared both settings and they seem the same.. any idea what’s happened to the star icon on Mrs Jaki’s phone. also Mrs JaKi keeps getting the nag/warning screen re updating at GCHQ for software app Thanks in advance. Kim
  2. Jaki-Worthing


    Is there any way to view souvenirs in Cachly?
  3. Jaki-Worthing


    We used to be able to see a list souvenirs you have gained in the old Cachly but I can not find it in the latest version?
  4. Jaki-Worthing

    Update 5

    Hi there all, just put my phone on to find it has updated to 5. But now when I search I get all caches in my area and other areas as FTF taged. all the ones we have found are showing up as not found ie no smiley face.. confused!!! ok so I have turned off the FTF in settings so that has got rid of the tag.. but all of the caches in the search area are showing as unfound ( no smiley face) still confused!!!