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How can I see both caches with the same coordinates?

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I have an offline list of archived caches. I refer to it from time to time when trying to find a cache and if I remember an old one was in the same spot.

I came across a situation where 2 archived caches had the same coordinates. I could only see one of them on the map. I couldn't figure out a way to see both of them. I went to list view, but only one was obvious. The 2 caches were GC7YFY6 and GC5VRY1

I finally copied all "Visible" caches to a new list, them was able to see both of them in list view.

Is there another way too see both caches?


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This currently isn't an easy issue to solve. When caches are at the exact same coordinates iOS map frameworks just place them where they are told. There isn't currently a way to let the user know that they are stacked.

I do have this on my list as other users have ran into this, but it isn't a quick easy fix. :(

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