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Got New Phone

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My iPhone 10 just recently started crapping out

so I got a Galaxy S9+ to replace it


I like IOS and have had both Android and IOS of and on for years

I had Cachly on my IOS and wonder if there are any plans on making an Android version for it?

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There are currently no plans to port Cachly to Android. Check out the Geocaching forum at https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/188-geocaching®-android-app/ and maybe you can get some good recommendations. At least now, vs even 6 months ago, the official app is somewhat passable. 

https://apidevelopers.geocaching.com/all-api-partners/ lists, if it's being kept up-to-date, the official Android 3rd party apps.  http://www.geooh.com/GeoohApp/ has been getting a bit of press lately. 


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