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Crash when trying to delete offline ilst.


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I have a reasonably large (32k caches) offline list that loaded in just fine a week or two ago...  Now, when I try to delete it, the app crashes without deleting...  Ive tried a few times and get the same result each time..

I think I sent the correct analytics file to the support email address...



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Same problem here. I generated an offline GPX file with GSAK containing 13000 caches. Cannot delete it, App always crashes. Using iPhone 6. 

Is there any progress on this issue?


By the way: I'm using Cachly since a few weeks now, and it's great.

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7 hours ago, Werner said:

Is there any progress on this issue?

Yes, this exact issue was fixed yesterday and will be in our 4.3 release. :)

Some boring background info on the issue: The crash was being caused when images for those caches were being gathered for deletion. This process was using too much memory and would cause Cachly to crash.

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