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Lost drafts

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I was in the midst of catching up on logging. When I pressed "send Log" in Cachly it informed me it was saved as a draft on geocaching.com. (The "save as draft" was not on. I never use it.) When I went looking for the draft, I figured out that the geocaching servers were down. When they came back up, the draft was not there. The cache had not been logged. There appears no record that I ever wrote the log in Cachly. Any ideas where I could look for this evaporated log?

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Just to bring an end to the thread. No I didn't replicate it. I didn't try to. With the site being down I just used the Send as Text feature, imported it into GSAK and finished my logging there. It was an individual log.

I guess it would be hard to build a safety net for this since it is a thankfully rare occurrence and what a user experiences as a site being down could be different in the background with the API.

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