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Multi Cache Feedback


Not sure if this is a feature request or feedback so Ill chuck it here.

I find the handling of Multi's in cachly a bit clunky at the moment so Ill put some thoughts out there.

  • It would be handy if when clicking on a waypoint, then the "i" button, tha you could from this pop up access the following
    • Read the information/text assigned to this waypoint (there is often a question)
    • View the cache listing (saves jumping back out of the map and viewing the listing
    • Access the cache notes page so you can type your answer in for later reference
  • I believe this has been asked before but the ability to turn on waypoints to view in the general map would be great
    • When caching in an area, you are often walking past waypoints for other caches and can collect the relevant info as you pass
    • Refer to above point for functionality to edit said cache

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