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Found 4 results

  1. I'm using for default navigate WAZE, but my preference cannot be saved as an icon function.There are only Google maps .
  2. Just a comment. Navigation via 'maps.me' app disappeared from the list of routing providers of Cachly, probably after the last update of maps.me to version 11.0.0. I don't mind it very much, because the new look and UI of maps.me is unusable and in addition this app stopped searching according to the specified coordinates :-(
  3. I first started using Cachly when it had not been out long and suggested that it was annoying when using “navigate to cache” that the phone screen kept timing out, and one had to keep on logging back in to phone. You listened and for years we have had the navigate to cache overriding the autolock on the phone. However I notice with the recent upgrade that we are back to the map/phone timing out after a minute or so. Soooo frustrating. Is this a policy decisions? Means that really each time I go out caching I have to remember to go to settings and turn autolock to never, and then of course remember to turn it back on later
  4. Hello,is it possible to see when I'm in navigate mode the other caches around my destination. Does this function exist? Currently we only see a red line between the starting point and the arrival cache. Thank.
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