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    abnorMali reacted to Nic Hubbard in Trackable Date wrong with Draft Logs   
    Thanks. This will be fixed in our next release.
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    abnorMali reacted to Nic Hubbard in CreateTrackableLog exceeded   
    This issue will be fixed in our upcoming 7.0 release.
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    abnorMali reacted to Nic Hubbard in Upload Log with TB and Image   
    This should be fixed in Cachly 6.0, which is set to be released later this spring.
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    abnorMali reacted to Michael in Waypoint details visible in 'Navigate to Cache' mode   
    Hi Nic
    I would be great if the waypoint details (description) would be visible in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode.
    This cache for example has the following waypoints with a task you have to solve at each waypoint (counting things in this case):

    But in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode I can't see what I have to do at a certain waypoint, e.g. 'Stage 1':

    So I have to switch back to the cache detail page and lookup the task of the waypoint.
    Seeing the waypoint description directly in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode would be much easier 
    And the killer feature would be that I could see the waypoints not only in the 'Navigate to Cache' mode, but already in the normal map view of an offline list (switchable on/off).
    With this feature I could see on the map if I walk past a waypoint of a multi cache where I have to do something, while going to get a traditional cache 
    Or even planning the optimal route to solve several multis at the same time 
    Thanks for your great work and best regards