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    CreateTrackableLog exceeded

    Hi When I log several caches and mark some TB as "visited" for each cache, I get the attached error message. Is there a way around this error message? Thank you and Happy Hunting Mali
  2. abnorMali

    CreateTrackableLog exceeded

    Hi Nic Sorry for the late reply. There were about 10 log entries with 8 TB's each. Greetings Mali
  3. abnorMali

    Upload Log with TB and Image

    When I try to send a log that has TB with pictures attached I get the following error Error while uploading the log entries The request is invalid What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? Greetings abnorMali
  4. abnorMali

    Upload Log with TB and Image

    Hi Nic Saving the log to pending logs and then Upload Greeitngs Mali