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  1. With that extra info, let me read it again. This seems wrong behavior that will trip people up.
  2. Some were physical, some were virtual. This is in a large wild area with over 200 caches anyway. The hike was a 10 mile day.
  3. I appreciate the link as regex features vary a lot from one implementation to the next. Even reading through that, my very simple regex .*Geo should match in the ICU engine and a host of others. I tried it in a tester to be sure I wasn't confused somehow it matched the title up to and including Geo as I expected. Are you expecting the whole title to match before accepting it as qualifying for the filter? test text:Asterisk 39 - S*W*A*G Geo-Art regex: .*Geo https://regex101.com/r/wG3aM3/1
  4. I tried this on a bunch of files with Geo-Art in the title. My regex was .*Geo and nothing was matched. Changing it to .*Geo.* gave the right matches. Is there an implicit $ on the end or something that prevents the first form matching. Also I noticed that when entering the match text ,the Done key on the keyboard is not doing anything. I have to tap Done on the filter creation window. I think either should work.
  5. I'm not seeing where I should input a regex. Hint please
  6. Is this the same as issue #2130 in beta 10? I still see loading of data going on
  7. If the data is already full why not just save it with no chatter.
  8. I was adding from a fully loaded offline list to another offline list. Full cache Data is selected. It looks like a fresh download is performed and then the add. If I select Lite the Add is instantaneous. How about optimizing this such that if Full Data is available already just update the target offline list? Worst case, the source entry may not be 100% current but an update on the target list later will take care of that. This would speed up building subset lists from a larger collection of caches.
  9. My guess is that Cachly offline lists do not exist as separate files as you might imagine. They are stored as data in the unified data base which is why you only have one instance of a cache regardless of the number of offline lists. Sync would require extracting all the list entries to a file and then sync of that file. The extract process is what happens when you do an Export to GPX. I do plan routes on the iPad but when ready to go out, I export the GPX and AirDrop it to Cachly on the iPhone. Not perfect and once in awhile I tweak something and forget to re-export so sync would be nice but I don't see it as easy to do. If I'm Road tripping by car, the iPad comes along and I can AirDrop anytime.
  10. Works great so far. One of the most powerful PC text editors,Textpad, had huge flexibility with only a handful of features - Mark line/unmark line - mark lines found by a search plus Mark All/Unmark All - Invert marks (e.g. NOT) - Actions on marked lines: delete them, copy/cut them - Search supports regex Except for regex, Cachly now has the primitives: Highlight=Mark,NOT, Filter plus highlight results. Delete filtered results, save visible having filtered on highlight. Highlight ALL is coming I think. I am empowered.
  11. I was trying to isolate just the caches making up a piece of geo art in Map View. The process went like this. Guess about area of art and load caches based on Bounds and center. Scoot over and pick up missed parts note that I picked up extraneous nearby caches save all to offline list for cleanup i wanted only offline caches with Geo-Art in the name. Filter finds these just fine. I wanted a NOT option that would negate the filtered results so I could delete just the non Geo-Art ones ok, highlight those visible geo art ones. Then change filters to show non-highlighted ones and delete filtered caches. Not so terrible but it could have been done in one step with a NOT. With hindsight I should have probably searched the cache name string "Geo-Art" and I would have gotten only the ones I wanted. However, NOT would apply to a variety of filtering not involving title strings.
  12. I can live with that. Focus on other things.
  13. Geocaching.com search with filter for mystery and has personal cache note and not found by you will let you construct a bookmark list of the likely suspects. While it would be handy to have the first coord in a note treated as a CC, I often have partial or incorrect solutions lying around. I suggested once that navigating to a mystery with coord in note and no CC set ought to pop a warning asking if you wanted to go there instead.
  14. Recanting my comment. I really would appreciate having my log on a cache kept in the local DB. I realize it is not on the server but having it there is invaluable when you get a Phone A Friend plea for help. The log can trigger key memories. I would only put detailed info about the hide and container into a cache note lest I create a spoiler log. I only do that for some noteworthy ones though. That's when the log is handy.
  15. I found a reference to some new Mapkit code related to the scale. Maybe Nic can make it come back. https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/ios/platform_features/introduction-to-ios11/mapkit/#scale
  16. Are you on ios11? I still see the scale on ios10.
  17. I dithered on my opinions on this one earlier. Having hiked for a 54 stage multi yesterday, I keenly felt the inability to spot other caches along the way to the next waypoint. Overall map view did not show the next waypoint of the multi and what opportunities might lie along the way. Getting back to the original multi to plot the current waypoint after diverting to find a nearby cache was not easy. I think what would have served is a setting on global map view to you show all waypoints a way to highlight a waypoint so I could spot the currently sought one quickly in map view with context about what was nearby on the way to it. This suggests waypoints could have a small set of associated data like highlight and a note field to record info for multi step field puzzles Better coupling of a displayed Waypoint to its cache. E.g. Option on Waypoint press to open the waypoints screen of the parent to see it and other waypoints. I should be able to get from a waypoint to the parent Cache to do things like see the description, hint, etc. This becomes more important with all waypoints shown on map as it also helps to determine the cache the WP belongs to. Sorry if this wandered off off into a longish list of Waypoint features but each step seemed to open up further needs.
  18. Currently, tapping the Coordinate on the cache page switches it from Degree-Decimal minutes (DM), to Decimal Degrees (DD). From time to time, I need the value in Degree-Minute-Seconds (DMS) format. How about making the rotation include the 3rd common format? In each case, long press copies the coordinates in the displayed form.
  19. Here is a start of a list. I'm not asking for big tickets right now like Messaging. API extensions needed A way to get list of associated images when retrieving a log or list of logs associated with a cache Create a new bookmark list either empty or with content. Apps can add to an existing list but not create one currently
  20. Could the forums be changed to allow 3 characters or longer search strings? For example, I cannot search on API.
  21. I thought maybe the date on the image would let you tie them together but since users can add images later that wouldn't work. I think we should start a list of API deficiencies that we could present to GC as users - you could remain quiet if you wish. Maybe the length of the list would give impetus to a project to fix some of them
  22. I was in an offline list with no images downloaded I guess. I was trying to reproduce it and the closest I could get was to import a GPX, open images section of cache, see nothing, choose download all images, go to logs and still see no images icons. A Refresh then made them appear. Seems like downloading them all should make the logs show an Images button. Yes, on iPad
  23. I thought they were but not seeing some some when I thought they should be there. Let me look again. Thanks
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