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  1. 4 hours ago, rragan said:

    Rereading the Settings section for logging, I do think the bulk of that all belongs in a page dedicated to Logging. A minimal presence on the Settings page saying in a sentence what it does and link to the Logging page feels right to me.

    Agree except possibly for template set up. Should that not be in the settings section?

  2. 3 hours ago, rragan said:

    I fixed all instances of toggle to switchand Title to Name. I assume Trackables have names and not titles. There were only uses of Images so nothing to fix. I left Favourite for Chris to handle.

    Hey. We speak UK English in South Africa. :-)

    My spell check will not pick up the non  US spelling so forgive me if I miss a few. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, rragan said:

    Feel free to move the info from settings to a unified logging related page if you want. Certainly some of the stuff in settings is too detailed for where it is. 

    I would prefer some explanation in each. Saves users running from one to the other.

    Nic must tell us what he wants.

  4. Standard Terminology

    • US English  ie  standardization not standardisation
    • Switch - not slider or toggle
    • Image - not Picture or photo
    • Name of cache or trackable - not title
    • Tap not click
    • Select not press
    • A switch is on or off, not enabled or disabled.
    • Screen, not page 
    • Back arrow
    • Press Hard rather than 3D Touch


    This top post will be edited as items are added.

  5. I would like to develop the pages on cache logging but am unsure where this should be in the menu system.


    Cant be in Navigating around the App as it applies to bot Live and offline. The next item under getting started?

  6. 1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    No, this isn't true. That message is shown if you have exceeded 30 API requests in the last 60 seconds. There are instances where you would have already used some API requests, e.g. loading caches in Live, viewing an individual cache etc. that could have caused it to appear.

    If that was the case would it not come up at the beginning of the download, not 10 minutes into the update?

    Crash logs sent

  7. Crashing for me too on a large offline list. I will send the crash logs. It does not happen every time.

    I just did an update of an offline list with 992 caches. Closed all other apps first in case it is a memory problem. It took 19 minutes to run with the "Waiting for ?? seconds to make more network requests" message coming up once. It did not crash.

    I was my understanding that the "Waiting..." message should not come up in a single update of a list with 1 000 caches.