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  1. OK, thanks for the reply.  There's nothing which looks like a Cachly crash log — is there a log created when the application is terminated for not responding?

    It happened again this morning, I think the issue is something's really slow to present the Login / Continue Offline dialog — so a lot of the time Cachly is terminated for not responding.  It took 20-odd seconds this morning after the first crash.

    Once the dialog comes up, I click Login, then Agree — no username/password required.

  2. When planning a trip I'll be looking at a specific location, sometimes moving between Live view and a couple of different offline Lists (or View All Offline Caches).

    Would be great to have the specific location stick, so I don't need to keep panning and zooming when switching between maps/lists.

    Maybe leave Live separate, but always remember the location & zoom when switching between offline lists?

  3. 11 minutes ago, Milestone17 said:

    After reading this thread, I too, am having the same problem. I’ve tried logging out, but it gives me the error code.  I tried logging out on the geocaching.com website, but that didn’t work.  Tried reinstalling the app and also that did not work.  How did anyone get it to work?  This is my favorite app for geocaching and now I can’t use it!  I believe it was triggered when I started filtering caches.  Could you please let me know any fix to this issue?  Thank you.

    You're sure you're logging out of geocaching.com from within Cachly?  Tap on …More at bottom right of screen, hit the Logout option at top right of screen.  Then you can login again.

  4. Thanks for checking, that did solve my issue.  And great that Cachly supports regex!

    A few suggestions for consideration:

    1. rename Matches to Regular Expression — I can see people getting pretty confused when they expect a dot to match a dot, etc.

    2. add an Exact Match option, which would perform a straight text search like I was trying to do

    3. make regular expression searches case insensitive by default

  5. The View Travels map for a trackable inherits the map type (offline, Apple, etc.) from the Live and Offline screens, but there’s no way to change it.

    So often when viewing the travels I need to switch back to the other screens, change from offline to Apple Maps for the greater coverage, then switch back to trackables map.

    Would be helpful, and more consistent, to add the ‘switching maps’ icon to the bottom of the trackables map.