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    Importing a file resorts Offline lists

    Hi, not sure if new bug or just noticed… Importing a new list causes Cachly to lose the sort order on existing lists: order Offline lists using Edit and dragging them to change order Import from iTunes select the file to import (in this example a My Finds zip) Choose Offline List tap + to create new list tap Save select the just created list tap Import go back to Offline lists and the order has been changed note that quitting and restarting Cachly will restore the original order Cachly was also crashing every 2nd or 3rd import doing this, but possibly because of the 'translated' cache descriptions I was exporting from GSAK. The count of caches in an offline list was also 0 or double (if reimporting), but that's been covered in another thread. Suggestion: I think Cachly should combine steps 5-7: if you're creating a new list Cachly should select it for you. Cachly 3.0.1 (2), iOS 10.3.2; 2 different devices.
  2. barefootguru

    App icon badge count options?

    I like the current badge as it's a reminder there's things to do — finish & send logs. This use of a badge is also standard iOS behaviour. I would sometimes use a daily found count inside the app which showed submitted + pending for the day.
  3. barefootguru

    iPad Support

    In the meantime, vote on this one
  4. barefootguru

    Add to watchlist when logging

    Suspect this isn't possible with Groundspeak API… but would be cool to have option to add cache to watchlist when logging it (alongside adding to favs).
  5. barefootguru

    Getting good coordinates for cache placement

    Your phone will report the same location irrespective of what app you're using. A phone (currently) won't be as accurate as a dedicated GPS unit, particularly under trees. Both are bad around taller buildings. As well as ChrisDen's advice, you should take multiple readings over different days, mathematically average them, and use that result. Good luck!
  6. barefootguru

    Loading a GPX file distributed at an event

    As per first post, you can create your own caches in a GPX file. If that's too hard, you could add waypoints to an existing random cache, and navigate to them.
  7. barefootguru

    Problems using the compass

    Nic's already told you how to recalibrate the compass: follow his steps 1-4 above, plus the para after that. Are you using Navigate to Cache? When you get close to a cache, the Compass tab is much easier to use than the Map tab. Apple's feedback pages are explicit that your suggestion will be read but not replied to. I'm sure Apple knows about magnetic and true north Maybe you struck the wrong guy or were talking at cross purposes. e.g. The iOS Compass app can be switched between true and magnetic north.
  8. barefootguru

    Incomplete PQ download

    Was still timing out for me about 12 hours ago.
  9. barefootguru

    I Phone Compass Calibration

    Apparently you can force a recalibration by turning Location Services off & on. https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/257005/how-to-see-compass-accuracy-and-recalibrate-the-compass-in-ios-10
  10. barefootguru

    Incomplete PQ download

    Apparently it's caused by geocaching.com, you just have to keep retrying. The image downloads are for the caches that have been download. I think Cachly could handle it better and Nik's aware of that.
  11. barefootguru

    Caches confused after a find

    I haven't worked out an exact trigger, but Cachly sometimes duplicates the just logged cache to a nearby cache. It's something like: Go into a cache Log it Back out to map Tap next cache, and it will display the name from the just logged one. Sometimes it'll have a smiley too. V1.x and 2.0
  12. barefootguru

    Download of Pocket Queries/Offline lists

    The date might be the PQ date… whenever I download a new PQ it always goes to the top of the Offline list (as Nik says). Tap Edit to arrange them in your desired order.
  13. barefootguru

    Change to API

    I'm in New Zealand and my Cachly logs now default to the correct day, instead of lagging a day if submitted before 19:00 (Cachly date correction is turned off). Feels like GS is going in the wrong direction by removing what little timezone support (UTC) they did have. Be interesting to see if they handle finds around midnight now and during daylight savings correctly.
  14. barefootguru

    Loading Caches

    The last month I've noticed PQs sometimes timeout before they've completed downloading… though today's batch has been fine. And the actual download speed has been about the same. Nothing else to report despite regular usage.
  15. barefootguru

    Should offline lists and pending logs be user specific?

    If Cachly had a shared database then if you logged in as a different user you'd see somebody else's data, which seems wrong. I'm guessing Groundspeak won't let you access an internal ID which doesn't change? So I think the existing behaviour is correct. If there's no data when starting the app, you could display a dialog saying data needs to be downloaded, including if you've renamed your username?
  16. barefootguru

    DNFs appearing as ticks

    Nope, don't use field notes, only Cachly's draft function. No probs, I'll wait
  17. barefootguru

    DNFs appearing as ticks

    For the last few weeks on my phone — not my iPad — some of my DNFs have been appearing as ticks. This is on the Live map, though the Offline maps are having troubles with them too. I've tried deleting, and rebuilding, the DNF database. I don't have any pending geocache logs. If I had to guess, I would say Cachly has somehow remembered me saving a draft DNF for those caches, and is now displaying them as a tick instead.
  18. barefootguru

    A few questions - basic

    5: to expand, maps aren't linked to a list. Download Namibia and select it, and it will be used everywhere in Cachly. 6: all user created waypoints are automatically uploaded to geocaching.com. Select the slider for Corrected Coordinate.
  19. barefootguru

    GPS accuracy

    Make sure Cachly is left open and showing a navigation screen — as Nic says, to save battery it only updates the location while navigating. If you start navigating a few kms from the cache while still in the car, you should be pretty ready to go —seconds rather than minutes from my experience. But at least with the current technology, a dedicated GPSr unit will always beat a phone — particularly if the GPS conditions aren't ideal (like being inside a metal container!)
  20. barefootguru

    'Tap to load the full version' issue?

    Are the caches getting 'lost' when you leave Cachly and go to the home screen or another app? If your device is short of memory then iOS will unload Cachly, so any caching will be lost. You can tell if this has happened because Cachly will flash the splash/welcome/'Cachly' screen when you go back in.
  21. barefootguru

    Geosphere user trying Cachly

    Welcome to Cachly Having a line linking your position and the destination makes sense to me, and I've seen it used in other (non-caching) navigation apps. You can always just back out to the main map screen and do your own navigation from there.
  22. barefootguru

    Saving user settings

    GC.com is surprisingly permissive in what they allow in usernames. You'll notice a slash is used to delimit parts of a URL, and it also underpins iOS. While programs should 'escape' the slash so it doesn't cause problems, you may well find issues in the real world because that isn't the case. A hyphen would be a safer option.
  23. barefootguru

    Saving user settings

    @Nic Hubbard: looks like his/her GC username is the same as here… could the slash be upsetting the prefs?
  24. barefootguru

    Add setting for all street names to be BOLD?

    Oops! For me it's offline maps for New Zealand.
  25. barefootguru

    Add setting for all street names to be BOLD?

    I swear I'm not that old, but the street names are often too tiny for me.