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  1. Kyzabra

    Show distant caches' waypoints on the map

    This is a great feature especially when hunting an area with multiple multi caches.
  2. Kyzabra

    Log Text

    And it manages it REALLY well too.
  3. Kyzabra

    PQ and list summary.

    Great. It would be good to know when you download a PQ, how many caches have been added to your database.
  4. Kyzabra

    PQ and list summary.

    I think I have asked before but it would be great to see a progress of PQ imports. Also, a summary of caches imported, number of caches added, etc.
  5. Kyzabra

    Resume app from last use

    Thanks Nic. Appreciate you looking at this. Not a deal breaker, but a "nice to have"
  6. Kyzabra

    Friends list incomplete

    I don't know how, but I know this is a feature on the android app C:GEO. I'm not sure if it works on the live API or downloaded files but either way, what a great tool.
  7. Kyzabra

    Friends list incomplete

    Further to this thread Nic, is there any plan to expand the friend functionality ? It would be really cool to be able to view a cache, then view which of your friends had logged it. Great for PAF.
  8. Kyzabra

    Multiple log templates

    Excellent. Happy to provide feedback if you've got any queries.
  9. Kyzabra

    Multiple log templates

    I'm sure it's been asked before, but wondering how far down the development tree is the ability to have multiple log templates. Or ideally, a seperate template for each log type (Find, dnf, need maintenance etc) this would be really handy.
  10. Kyzabra

    Offline List

    Further to this topic (as I couldn't create a new one) I think this thread, and the one requesting consolidation of lists are both good ideas. I have only recently started using cachly and it is by far superior to the official apps. I'd like to see some expansion to the options available with offline lists. (a) The ability to set up "groups". With the ability to manually add caches, as well as import GPX files and pocket queries into these groups. ( Import gpx/PQ into said groups. I currently run 12 PQ that cover all caches in Western Australia. They are setup by date order so the first 11 I update every so often, and the 12th I update daily (to pick up new publishings). Each morning, I update that PQ into my existing Geocaching app. This way, I have all caches on my phone in an offline state. And can basically cache anywhere at anytime without too much prep. Also, It would be great to have a waypoint averaging ability and the function of manually adding a geocache to a list. This would be a great tool for placing geocaches (along with the 161m radius) Breht (Kyzabra)
  11. Kyzabra

    Suport for GCA caches

    Not sure if this thread has been followed up or not. I just tried importing the GCA file (in both ZIP and GPX format) via dropbox link. It crashed both times.