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  1. 4cycle

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    Yes. I don’t know why the corrected coordinates didn’t load correctly when I imported the GPX file from GSAK. The next time I do an update with new puzzle caches with corrected coordinates, I’ll take a closer look at what happens to the corrected coordinates. Thanks for your attention and help. 4cycle, Cache On!
  2. 4cycle

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    One thing that I noticed is that the corrected coordinates are present in the cache, but Cachly didn’t recognize the coordinates as corrected. So on GeoCache.com, restoring the original coordinates and updating the cache in Cachly, the setting the coordinates to the corrected coordinates seems what fix the map location problem.
  3. 4cycle

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    The source is PQ to GSAK then GPX uploaded to Dropbox, then imported to list. The final coordinates were updated on geocaching.com. Then a PQ to GSAK to filter out archived and disabled caches and others that I’m not interested in. As you requested, I removed the finals on the caches in Cachly, then set the final coordinates in Cachly. Then the cache was showing at the correct location on the map. When I solve a puzzle cache, I make notes on how I solved it and list the final coordinates in the Personal Cache Note then copy those to Corrected Coordinates. These three caches were corrected on the web site. If I solve a puzzle on Cachly, I use the same process. I don’t know what happened on these three.
  4. 4cycle

    Caches Not Displayed at corrected coordinates

    Team DEMP The only time it displays incorrectly is when I tap on the list and then the list is displayed as shown on the pics I posted. If I open on GC.com or open the cache in live it’s okay. I see we’re the issue may be coming from. The original coordinates are the corrected so I blocked them out. The three caches all have a similar FT coordinate and that is where the cache is displayed on the map.
  5. I have an offline list of ~1500 caches. When I first open the list, three of the caches are shown on the map at N00 00.000 E000 00.000 They have corrected coordinates set. If I select one of the three caches, and select navigate, the cache is displayed at the corrected coordinates. Cachly v6.0.4 iOS 13.6 The three caches are: GC1NVKT, GC1NVMR and GC11MM4
  6. 4cycle

    3D on Premium Maps

    Thanks for the quick reply. Of course that technique is the only method I did not try. Yes that works. Cache On 4cycle
  7. 4cycle

    3D on Premium Maps

    How do you view 3D in the Premium maps? I’ve tried everything I can think of to get map to view 3D buildings. Any help is appreciated 4cycle Cache On
  8. 4cycle

    Add log types for Templates

    Can you add LOG types “Disable” and “Enable” to the template log type lists?
  9. 4cycle

    Log Text

    Great to hear. Thanks.
  10. 4cycle

    Log Text

    Awesome. Thanks for all your efforts.
  11. 4cycle

    Log Text

    I use the "Log Text" for my Found logs signature. I have a different signature for DNF logs. It would be great if we had a different "Log Text" of each type of log, especially Found & DNF. When you select log type Found, log text "A" would be added to the log. If you select DNF, log text "B" would be added to the log. Thanks for your consideration.