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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I would appreciate it very much if a shorter way to navigate by car and the ability to choose a parking WP when available would be added. It would make things much easier.
  2. Hi, Is there way to navigate to a cache by car via a shorter way? I need to select a cache, choose navigate, select the dots and choose an external app in order to navigate to a cache by car. Do I something wrong? I would like to have a one click solution to navigate by car and certainly not choose the app each time since one doesn't change the car navigation app each time (if so, a setting would be fine). On top, if parking locations are available for a cache, a prompt asking if I want to navigate to it, would be nice. Cheers, Eddy
  3. It's Geooh go, a nice app which is updated very frequently. I use it in the field as I don't have a suitable iPhone for this and my ipad is a bit large for this. I use cachly for planning.
  4. Hi, It seems that it's available now as they show in the app I'm using on an android device. Only downside seems to be that it doesn't take the found ones in account, since that info doesn't seem to be available. Any ideas on when it'll be available in cachly? Cheers, Eddy
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