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  1. The issue here is likely that once the file downloaded Cachly was running in the background and it was trying to uncompress the map file. Because that takes longer, iOS killed Cachly.

    If you are able to redownload and leave Cachly open that would be the only way at this point to solve the issue and allow the map to fully install.

  2. 3 hours ago, ivans said:

    Anyway, I do not understand why images in Cachly are replaced by placeholders during update cache with full data. 

    I am not seeing any images being replaced when you do a full data update. Cachly adds additional photos that are grey and then you need to download the image files.

  3. Thanks for sending the file. 

    I didn't have any issues. I imported it, chose to download images and they all showed when viewing the cache.

    Next, I chose to tap the ... on the maps screen, update caches with full data. Then I used the Download Cache images option to download images for all caches.

    Now viewing the cache images I see 17 fully loaded offline images.

    If I missed something can you explain? 

  4. 2 hours ago, ivans said:

    After updating saved caches, the images downloaded via GPX file disappear, replaced by gray placeholders with the original description. It’s amusing to see a gray square with the text “spoiler”

    Can you send me a test GPX to our support email?


    When the Highlight Color filter is enabled, highlighted caches vanish from the map after updating them. However, upon opening any such cache, the highlighted sidebar remains. Reapplying the cache highlight color is necessary, even if it’s the same color as in the sidebar. Another option is existing and useful bulk recovery via Manual Sync in the Settings.

    I tested in an offline list and can't replicate. Can you show a screen video or exact steps and screens to replicate?


     I use field notes, accidentally marked the cache as found, no sync with the website. I can't get rid of the mark that the cache was found. I tried deleting the cache from Cachly and then re-uploading it from the site - strangely it was again marked as found in Cachly.

    Use the Clear All Checkmarks option in Settings. This will remove that.

  5. 1 hour ago, MMDE said:

    No, I don't see such a folder there, although it was there before. I don't know what happened, but I didn't delete it at 10000000%. :(

    iCloud creates a Cachly folder and that is where all the files are placed. In Files, do you see iCloud Drive? That is where the Cachly folder is located.

    Maybe iCloud Drive got turned on in settings on your phone?

    Next thing it try is to logout of iCloud and back in.

  6. Waypoints of a cache cannot be added be dropping a pin, rather you create those on the waypoints screen of a geocache.

    Are you meaning saved Locations or using the custom geocache option?

    If you are saving locations, those are not shown on all maps, they are only accessed through the Saved Locations option in More.

  7. 7 hours ago, ivans said:

    I just downloaded new version of Cachly from AppStore and see Cachly 7.1.3 (8) in the About Cachly. 

    Yes, this is a micro version update with small bug fixes. This is not the large 8.0 version that I talked about.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Andy760 said:

    Thank you Nic for the quick reply. The function for marking the waypoints would be completely sufficient for the offline lists. For me and I think for other Cachly users too, that would be a significant improvement. Thank you in advance for your effort!

    It won't be added until Cachly 8.1 as 8.0 has a feature freeze until release.

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