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  1. I was going to post a Feature Request, but realised this topic was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm continuing to put Cachly through its paces, and am still very impressed.


    I too usually want the 'heading follow' mode, and it is a little irritating to have to repeatedly set this mode.  It's a pity that you can't set a preferred mode, or even default to 'heading follow'.  


    I'm also having some problems with pinching. If done carefully, then fine.  However, if the map is moved just a fraction, then the little pointer reverts to white arrow at 1 o'clock (or 1:30 :) ). So quickly try and set back - then my finger keeps missing the arrow and selecting 'more' by mistake.  Grrr.


    A thought regarding the iPad Air.  If wifi-only, then no gps receiver.  Could that be a factor?


    I am looking deeper into the issue to see if it can be fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I have downloaded the app and it asks for login and password but does not allow me to set up password and login. Is there another app tied to this app. I have never done cashe before and have grandsons coming this summer. Janette@ronan.net


    Yes, you will need to create a user account on geocaching.com, they are the service and website that the entire game of Geocaching is tied to. Once you have created an account you can use Cachly to login. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi there. I have just downloaded the latest update of the app. Firstly thank you for adding Maps.me support, but I have also experienced problem with the app. After pressing More button app always crashes. :( Could you please fix that? Thanks!


    We never experienced this in testing and I can't replicate it. If you delete Cachly and reinstall, does that fix the issue?

  4. I did indeed update to version 1.1 as soon as it became available. I find that pinching in/out a minute amount does not knock the map out of heading follow mode, however if I pinch in/out rapidly and around 40% of the screen diameter resets the setting.


    Strange. I was just trying to replicate this and I can't. Can you replicate this reliably?

  5. Each time I pinch zoom in/out and/or change to a new cache, I have to go through this process to re-enable the "heading follow" mode. I did not see an option in settings to set the default navigation mode, which is the "missing" feature I was referring to. To illustrate, I have attached a labeled screen shot for reference.


    The issue where it gets reset when pinching in/out was fixed in 1.1. Have you upgraded to that version?


    As for setting a mode as a default, there isn't currently a way to do this. But, just a though that I could build it so that if you long press on a mode it would "lock" that mode. what do you think?

  6. The lock icon simply locks manual map rotation. The map will rotate automatically when in the heading follow mode, but you won't be able to rotate it manually until it is unlocked.


    Does that clear things up?


    I prefer to double tap the arrow so the map follows me as I navigate, and was hoping the lock would restore this function, as this is  only feature that I miss from the original geocaching app.


    Can you explain this more? What feature is missing?

  7. I found out how to fix my problem with Km/miles problem. But still question the "hidden by" feature. That is a big issue for me.



    To search using "hidden by", tap the gear icon which is inside of the search bar. This will show you all of the search options. If you had already found this and it still isn't working, what isn't working? Was there an error?

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