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  1. TeamPlys

    Combining Offline Lists

    Ad 3) That is actually the way it works. Unique key is the GC code (e.g. GC100MK). Merge/copy also works as you describe. ad 4) In offline-list map-view you have the (...) menu (top right) where you choose Update caches.
  2. TeamPlys

    How to Upload pictures

    Spot on what I was looking for. Thank you.
  3. TeamPlys

    How to Upload pictures

    How to Upload pictures?
  4. TeamPlys

    Apple Watch 2

    I understand .... but it might have some marketing value. Navigating to cache must be first priority. Maybe the only one. /Birger
  5. TeamPlys

    Apple Watch 2

    I will tune in .... I am sure that my Apple watch 2 / iPhone 7 will love Cachly. /Birger
  6. TeamPlys

    Decrypt hint

    For sure it is working Coincidentally I found some caches where hint was turned upside down in geocaching.com
  7. TeamPlys

    Decrypt hint

    Decrypt hint. (I think I have seen it working, or ....? /Birger
  8. TeamPlys

    Search options templates

    Save a set of search options as a template for future use. I would create a template with traditional and muti, without my finds. Another with mystery. /Birger
  9. TeamPlys

    Newbee questions

    Additional question: Am I right that you cannot see personal notes in the app, only update them.
  10. TeamPlys

    Newbee questions

    2) OK. The search has to be done on the web. 3) OK now I understand. Field notes become a pending log when you switch of send now. The search has to be done on the web
  11. TeamPlys

    Newbee questions

    2) I would like to find caches with field notes and personal notes in order to finish them.3) I create a field note in log cache, type: write note, save as field note. It is visible in the public log. Thank you for your prompt reply.
  12. TeamPlys

    Newbee questions

    1) how to manage bookmarks 2) how to search cache/personal notes 3) Field notes are saved in the log. I expected it to be personal 4) how to save a log as pending