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  1. Ad 3) That is actually the way it works. Unique key is the GC code (e.g. GC100MK). Merge/copy also works as you describe. ad 4) In offline-list map-view you have the (...) menu (top right) where you choose Update caches.
  2. Spot on what I was looking for. Thank you.
  3. I understand .... but it might have some marketing value. Navigating to cache must be first priority. Maybe the only one. /Birger
  4. I will tune in .... I am sure that my Apple watch 2 / iPhone 7 will love Cachly. /Birger
  5. For sure it is working Coincidentally I found some caches where hint was turned upside down in geocaching.com
  6. Decrypt hint. (I think I have seen it working, or ....? /Birger
  7. Save a set of search options as a template for future use. I would create a template with traditional and muti, without my finds. Another with mystery. /Birger
  8. Additional question: Am I right that you cannot see personal notes in the app, only update them.
  9. 2) OK. The search has to be done on the web. 3) OK now I understand. Field notes become a pending log when you switch of send now. The search has to be done on the web
  10. 2) I would like to find caches with field notes and personal notes in order to finish them.3) I create a field note in log cache, type: write note, save as field note. It is visible in the public log. Thank you for your prompt reply.
  11. 1) how to manage bookmarks 2) how to search cache/personal notes 3) Field notes are saved in the log. I expected it to be personal 4) how to save a log as pending
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