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  1. 6 hours ago, Martin said:

    Is there a way to "skip" the waiting for the response if it's taking longer than expected. And repeatedly retry the update (e.g. every 30s) until there's a positive API response?

    Yes, there is a 60 second timeout. In this case, when this happens you can also switch your phone into Airplane mode and Cachly will know you are completely offline and not try to make a connection to the API, and will save locally until it can upload later.

  2. They are different apps and I would like to keep them separate. You can however export a list GPX from Waymarkly and import into Cachly and those Waymarks will show on the map. Then it will give you an option to "Log in Waymarkly" and it will switch apps for logging.

    Premium Offline Maps are also shared between both apps.

  3. Yes, just continue scrolling back in time and once you pass January you will be into 2020 even though it doesn't show it. You can even stop scrolling, tap Done and you will see the year. Then you can continue scrolling back to find the correct date.

    iOS doesn't provide a picker like this that also visually shows the year.

  4. 11 hours ago, mustakorppi said:

    If I go scroll map to a new area using a reasonable zoom for navigation (e.g. scale goes up to 750 meters) and tap the load caches button, the map zooms out far enough to show all caches Cachly currently has loaded (which for me results in a zoom level where the scale goes to 100km). This forces me to find the location I was interested in all over again.

    In this case, you need to turn the Fit to Map settings option off so that it won't zoom to fit new caches.

    11 hours ago, mustakorppi said:

    The same happens if I type in a GC code in the search. As a separate issue, when the cache found by a GC code is grouped with other caches in this zoomed out view, it doesn’t get selected (that is, the details pop up doesn’t show). This makes it very hard to actually find the cache that I just searched for.

    I just tested and I wasn't able to replicate. Is there something specific you are doing here?

  5. On 5/29/2021 at 8:36 AM, cachequeen said:

    Hi, is is possible to bring Komoot into Cachly? I use Komoot with my eBike App. So it would be great to do the Navigation via this App.

    Or the Bosh cobi.bike App. In this App is a navigation implemented. So I could navigate via my eBike App to the next Cache. 

    Best regards



    I have never heard of these apps. Do you know if they have URL scheme integration where Cachly can send them coordinates?

  6. 36 minutes ago, DrDaffy said:

    The cartridge starts, at the beginning I get instructions and at the end of the instructions there is a ‘Start’ button. When I press the button the app closes. 

    Which cartridge? It looks like there are quite a few cartridges on that cache page.

  7. 1 hour ago, DrDaffy said:

    The user experience is better but the Wherigo GC68GHM still does not work on iPhone.

    Do you have specifics about this?

    1 hour ago, DrDaffy said:

    Should a Wherigo cartridge not run independent of the platform/OS it is played on?

    Not necessarily. There are many frameworks out there that run the Lua code that is inside of the cartridges.