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  1. 18 minutes ago, PlasmaWave said:

    Dropbox is the only import source offered by Cachly

    Any app or place in iOS that provides a "Share" option for a GPX or .zip of a GPX will be able to share the file with Cachly which allows import. 

    18 minutes ago, PlasmaWave said:

    From the iPhone, if I download a cache from a browser page or zip file from GC.com (eg MyFinds), iOS these days places the gpx file into “Finds” (no longer given a choice where to save to). When I tap the gpx file in “Finds”, it tries to import into Cachly but the spinning wheel never ends and file is not imported.

    Have you made sure to download the file locally first in Files? Once you do that you can use the Share option to send to Cachly. You can share the .zip that you downloaded from geocaching.com.

  2. Do you see the message on geocaching.com? Since we don't develop the official app, I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling that the Messages tab does not refresh automatically. I would try restarting the official app and see if it updates your Messages.

  3. Hi Caroline,

    Cachly does not have a large compass overlaid on the map like L4C does.

    Can you explain what you liked about having the compass and the map shown at the same time? Was it just personal preference or being used to it? Or did it provide extra insight into finding the cache to have it that way?


  4. One of the big differences here is that the official app can load 500 caches on the map at a time, and we have a max of 100. The official app also does not have a daily limit on number of caches loaded, but partner apps do.

    Because of these two limitations, I have been hesitant to include this feature. However, I get the request more and more so I am looking into how I can adequately warn the user of the inherent risks when using a live loading map. That being said, I am only investigating the possibility at this point and don't have it planned for a release.

  5. 3 minutes ago, rmus said:

    Yes we are swisscom, both mobile and fixed line.

    For whatever reason, it seems that users on Swisscom are having this issue, and no one else. If possible, would you be able to test on wifi that isn't on Swisscom?

    I will see about contacting them.

  6. 5 hours ago, AlphaSteff said:

    For completeness, I live in Switzerland.

    The website and the forum are also difficult to access at times.

    This is very strange, we haven't ever had this reported before. We also have beta testers in Switzerland, and they haven't ever had any issues.

    Are you able to test downloading offline maps on another wifi network, just as a test?