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  1. Is it currently possible to search along a defined route within the app? maybe by importing a route from another app or in cachly? if not, are there plans to implement this? i understand a lot of features are defined by groundspeaks own limitations.


    No, this isn't currently possible. However you could create a Pocket Query along a route and then import this into Cachly.

    also, is it possible to display more than 50 caches in an area at once? ive done this using pocket queries from the groundspeak website and displaying them within the app, but not sure if its possible in cachly itself.


    Yes, after you have loaded some caches you will see that the refresh button (top right of the caches map screen) has a ... inside. This means that there are more caches to load. Tap that to continue loading more and more.

  2. Thank you for the response :D


    You were correct, I was using an account that was not premium. Do you have plans to change the icons (not a big deal, just wondering).


    I've got two more--


    Is it possible to save your current waypoint, for example if I wanted to place a geocache. I see that if you can touch your icon to bring up a bubble with your current geos, but I don't see a way to save those. If not, i guess i could always take a screenshot.


    Is it possible to place a geocache from the app itself, or is that limited to the official website?


    No, there are no plans to change the map icons at this time.


    In the upcoming 1.0.7 version of Cachly, tapping the current location will copy the coordinates into the iOS clipboard, which can be very useful.


    It isn't possible to place a Geocache from any app out there, even the official Groundspeak app. They want everyone to go through the website. However, we are working on a feature to be able to pre-create a cache using Cachly. So you would be able to compose an email with all the details you would need to create a cache once you are able to go to geocaching.com to do so.


    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks!


    There currently isn't a way to change the map pin icons. Cache types are represented by their color, but you can see the geocaching icons when you tap on the pin, or view them in list view.


    If you are seeing only Traditional caches then you must be a geocaching.com Regular user. Just like the Geocaching official app, Groundspeak limits us to only showing Traditional caches unless you are a Premium member of geocaching.com.

  4. Thank you! Glad you are liking using Cachly!


    Souvenirs are something that is on our feature list and will be out in an upcoming version of Cachly.


    Messages however is something that Groundspeak hasn't provided for third-party developers, so at this point we are not able to implement it. If, in the future this changes we will be sure to add it right away.

  5. At some point did you Deny permission to your camera and photos? Either way, check your iOS Settings > Privacy > Photos to make sure that Cachly has permission to access your photos.


    You are using the current version of Cachly, correct?

  6. Glad you love using Cachly!


    Live Maps are something that have been on our Feature Roadmap for a while, and we hope to get it added very soon. New Offline Maps will be first and then we can start focusing on some more large features like Live Maps.

  7. Hi Kristin,


    When you get a GPX file in an email you will see it as an attachment. Press and hold on that attachment and it will give you some options. One is to “Copy to Cachly” which will open the file in Cachly and bring up the import screen, allowing you to create an offline list.


    Hope this helps!

  8. I'd also like to add caches to an existing saved off line list. I use a lot of saved off line lists and so far this is the only draw back to the app everything else is fantastic. I've spread the word on Facebook and got 4 people to convert to cachly so far I love this app please fix the saved off line and I'm yours forever



    Yes, this feature is available already. When on the Cache Details screen tap the ... in the top right, then choose "Save to Offline List". It will then allow you to choose a list to add that cache to, or to create a new one. Hope this helps!

  9. Yes, I mean for regular user. Even option to open cache description/hint it in their own official paid app is breaking their API? I hate that Groundspeak! I have been premium member, but I hate the way they behave to their customers, so I am not gonna pay for premium membership again. Thank you for the answer.


    Yeah, very sorry about this change. The changes we had to make were required of us. If we can change anything back in the future we will for sure do so. Sorry about the issues that this caused for you. :(

  10. Do you mean for Regular Users?


    If so, I was asked by Groundspeak to change that functionality to enforce the 3 full caches per day for Regular Users. They were completely right in asking me to do this, as the license agreement terms for using their API clearly state that this is what is required.


    Their API was also changed to enforce this, which again, was correct in them doing so since the API terms require us to follow this.


    Unfortunately it has changed the user experience for Regular Users, so I encourage you to go to geocaching.com and upgrade to their Premium membership which will allow Cachly to work with all the features provided to Premium users.

  11. Pocket Query functionality did change in the 1.0.2 version because of some internal changes to the way that PQ's were saved in Cachly. They are now saved in an internal database rather than just saving the .gpx files and parsing them each time. This gave us a number of advantages. In doing so we split up the screens for Available and already downloaded like you mentioned.


    When a PQ is downloaded it is saved. So unless your PQ is being updated daily then you shouldn't need to download it again. If it is, each version of the PQ is saved as you have said.


    Is your workflow to download a new PQ each day because it is getting updated?

  12. All of these are great suggestions!


    - iPad version has been on our list from the beginning, and I hope we can start working on that soon.

    - GPS/Location Services can be turned off and Cachly still used. But, yes, like you mentioned having a control in Cachly to do this would be nice. Will get this added.

    - Multi-user support has been requested by others, so we will look at adding this in a future version.


    Thanks for the great suggestions, keep them coming!

  13. Hi there.


    I have tried to import a few GPX files (from Dropbox or files that were copied from another geocaching app), unfortunately app crashes everytime. I am using iPhone 5 using ios 9.2. Could you please fix it?


    Are you using the latest version of Cachly (1.0.1) from the app store? I have tested many many GPX files from various programs and they all import great. But there could always be unique situations.


    Could you email me some of the GPX files that are not working? support at cach.ly



  14. This is a known issue and was caused by an unannounced change from Groundspeak (geocaching.com) about a week ago. We had to scramble and submit a fix to Apple, and it is still waiting to be reviewed.


    We are very sorry about this issue, and would have avoided it if at all possible.


    Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I hope that it will be approved this week by Apple.