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    Hello. I've purchased premium maps with hopes that hiking and cycle trails are included in the maps' data, but I was wrong. 1) It would be great to have an ability to modify map's theme (add custom one, change current one, ..). Please, please, give us the ability. 2) Would it be possible to add extra data into the map / or if the data are already there to modify theme to show the extra data? This is how it should look like (trails enabled - pink one is a bike trail; blue and green ones are hiking trails) (source with coordinates): And this is how it looks like in cachly: Very good source for all the hiking and bike trails here in Czechia is mapy.cz. Thank you.
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    Hi Nic Here a little input for a super improvement: Would it be possible to display the favorite points in percent? Especially if you are travelling in a unfamiliar area and don't want to miss the best caches, this would be a very useful function! Of course you should also be able to filter or sort by percentage. If the % display is output via the API, I guess it would be relatively easy to implement such a function. Thanks!
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    Bad request (400) after update to v5.1

    Hello, After updating to v5.1, on startup screen, I am getting the error message “Bad request (400)”. Getting the same error when I try to access my logs and account on geocaching.com. Re-installing the app does not help. iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 12.2 Kind regards, Peter
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    Thank you very much indeed! That helped and now I could login once again! Many thanks, Peter