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    Change pin colors

    I would like an option to personalize pin colors. I didn't find a key telling me all of the existing ones but they seem to be mostly different except for Wherigo and Mystery which look pretty similar. I don't view this as high priority but it might aid those with varying degrees of color blindness. For what it's worth, I have reassigned colors in Geosphere which has 14 choices for 13 cache types (earth is brown so that color is a good cue for an Earthcache to me). I notice also that non-cache waypoints have their own icons to distinguish them like a checkered flag for Final. Something to think about.
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    Send all logs

    The feature for the user to select which pending logs to send sounds promising for a future update.
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    Offline Search

    I'm looking forward to the next update, it sounds good.
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    Time Difference

    I'm liking the new time setting in 2.0.2, it works a treat and a great addition to the app.
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    Send all logs

    With the proposed bulk logging is it a case of the app sending all pending logs or will the user be able to select which logs they would just like to send?