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    multiple choices for Default Log text

    I would like to request the ability to have multiple choices for default Log Text. This would be helpful when doing a power trail when there isn't much to say for a nano on a stop sign or a lampost. Also sometimes when I'm out of town, I like to leave a note in my log where I'm from in addition to my regular log. Maybe one for FTFs. Another for acknowledging a series. Things like that. I've also noticed that the cursor starts at the end of the default text when logging a find. I prefer to put my date/time and find count at the end of my logs. It's just an extra click but a nice convenience if this could be changed to drop the cursor where I tell it to in the default text. Thanks again for all your work on this. I used it exclusively for a cache run this past weekend. I'm looking forward to v2!
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    Yes. Happy to have them!
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    multiple choices for Default Log text

    Great! Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess you know you are starting to get more Geosphere refugees?
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    Nic Hubbard

    Trackable descriptions

    I will be adding an option for Text, Web or HTML on that screen. Will get it added in 2.0.