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Moving saved lists from classic app to Cachly

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Hi - I've only just seen the news that the classic Geocaching app will cease in March, and I've been recommended Cachly, and so I now have the app on my smartphone ready to start using.

I do have a 'mystery cache' saved on my original app that has 200+ solved waypoints linked to it, and it's taken an age to get them added to that particular cache. I certainly don't want togo through the process again :o

Is there a way of importing saved caches from the offline list in the classic app to Cachly? And all the added waypoints with them?

Many thanks.

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This specific classic feature had been discussed a lot in the Geocaching forums. It seems to be data that is stored only on the phone and not synced to the Geocaching website. Classic users are asking about the same thing moving to the new official app and I haven't yet seen anyone indicate an approach.

I don't know what will happen come March 23rd and if the app won't launch or you can launch it but not access new caches, etc? If you don't know either you might start at least creating a text file on your computer with whatever you don't want to lose. 

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Sadly there isn't a way to move saved lists from the Classic app to Cachly. Reason being, there is no provided way in the Classic app to export those lists since they are local to that app.

It also does not appear that the Classic app uploads waypoints to geocaching.com. If it had, those would be able to sync back to Cachly. Not sure why they didn't do this...

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