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  1. brudderman

    Switching from offline list to live view

    Perfect! And a great time saver!
  2. brudderman

    Switching from offline list to live view

    Thanks, Nic! I had tried this option before posting but obviously misunderstood what was happening and thought that I was still viewing other caches in the same offline list because the Lists icon (rather than the Live icon) at the bottom of the screen remained highlighted. But the cache that was selected when "Find Caches Near This" was invoked moved to the the center of the screen and was surrounded by nearby caches. So this is actually a live view centered around the selected cache? If so, it's just what I need! I appreciate the explanation and the convenience!
  3. Frequently I look at caches in older offline lists and then want to examine the same general area in live view to see if there are any new caches that that weren't there when I created the offline list. What I do now is copy the code from a cache in the offline list, transfer to live view and paste the code in the search bar, search for the cache, adjust the zoom to see the desired area and then refresh the live view to show the caches. This isn't very hard to do, but I'm wondering if there is some more direct way, perhaps a setting or option I have missed, that will let me jump from the view in the offline list to the same general area in live view. Thanks!
  4. brudderman

    Understanding filters

    Thanks, Nic! It appeared to me that the OR was being applied instead of the AND, but then I couldn't completely rule out a misunderstanding of how the filter dialog was supposed to work. Will look forward to the fix!
  5. brudderman

    Understanding filters

    I'm trying to understand the operation of filters with multiple logic steps but must be doing something wrong. As an example consider this logic: (Favorites less than 3) AND (Favorites greater than or equal to 2) Unless I'm misunderstanding, this logic should produce only caches with exactly 2 favorites. Yet when I apply it to my offline list (Cachly 5.0.1, iPhone XS Max, iOS 12.1.4), all caches are returned even though there is one with the desired 2 favorites. But maybe I'm misinterpreting the Filters dialog and how to set it up. A screenshot of my logic is attached. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks!
  6. brudderman

    safari extension for cachly

    I open email links such as http://coord.info/GC7A4NP in Cachly by using the Opener app (https://apple.co/2KmzXPz) which does have a share extension if that's what you're looking for. This short screencast illustrates the process: http://bit.ly/2KdRH3B
  7. brudderman

    Waypoint averaging to help hide caches

    Based on suggestions received in another thread (https://goo.gl/r1qbGs), I follow the procedure outlined by @rragan above. To assist with this I created a Google sheet set for offline use and paste coordinates into it after walking away and returning. If a reading is obviously an outlier, just clear that row since blank rows are excluded from the average. Five or six readings are usually enough to get a reasonable average. Though it could still use a bit of tweaking, a sample is here in case anyone is interested: https://goo.gl/Af36Jg. I would be interested to know whether anyone has tried the app @rragan mentioned.
  8. brudderman

    Tap & zoom feature

    This has been a standard feature of Google Maps for quite some time and did work in Geosphere when the Geosphere still supported Google Maps. I just checked my old iOS 9 Geosphere to make sure. I normally navigate to caches from within Cachly using the three dots to select routing in Google Maps, and it works that way also. Would be nice if Apple did make it available elsewhere.
  9. brudderman

    Recent logs in cache summary info

    Yes, I can see how the extra information downloads on live caches could be troublesome, but it would be nice at some point if there’s a reasonable workaround.
  10. brudderman

    Recent logs in cache summary info

    I suspected that space could be an issue, but there appears to be sufficient "white space" immediately to the right of the favorites (line 2 of the current 4) for five log icons (either colored dots or perhaps the new smilies) and maybe even the date (in a compact format such as mm/dd/yyyy if necessary ) without having to add an extra line. This would require the relocation of the "Premium" identifier, perhaps to line 3. A rough example (Airport Ballpark) is attached to show how it might be done. The new filters sound great and would certainly be a welcome addition! Hope Nic puts them "on the list"!
  11. When I view a cache in list view there is basic summary info (distance, trackables, favorites, difficulty, terrain and size) that's instantly visible and extremely helpful in getting an overview of the cache. This same info appears in the box that pops up when a cache icon is tapped in map view. Then if I "click into" the cache from either view, there are further details such as recent log icons and date last found. I may have missed previous discussions of this, but is there a way to enable the display of the recent log icons and date last found along with the other basic summary info without having to "click in" for further details? Given limited time in an area, it would be mighty handy to be able to quickly scroll down a list to spot caches with successive DNFs (to avoid those if desired) without having to click on each individual cache to see its history--and then try to remember the ones to bypass. Thanks!
  12. brudderman

    Getting good coordinates for cache placement

    @ChrisDen Thanks for suggesting this! I often look at where a cache I'm hunting appears on Google Maps satellite view to see how my location compares. This is helpful as long as I have and internet connection to download the satellite map images since they apparently can't be saved offline as are the regular maps. I've never used Google Earth in this fashion but will begin to experiment with it and try your procedure. Thanks again.
  13. I'm going to start placing a few caches and will, of course, need accurate coordinates for that. I know that I can tap on Cachly's current location indicator and get a popup with the coordinates (and the accuracy) and an option to copy them. But will this single sample be good enough placement? If so, then I'm set with what I already have in Cachly (my "go to" app which I do love!). In some areas coordinates bounce around quite a bit, so it seems that an average over several minutes would be better in such cases. Not having a dedicated GPSr, how would I go about getting coordinates that are good enough to post for placement with my iPhone 6s? Perhaps another app for this occasional single purpose? I apologize for my ignorance here but would sure appreciate suggestions and pointers from those with experience in this. Thanks!
  14. brudderman

    import GPX, no waypoint shows up

    Though certainly not a "must have" caching need, it would be mighty handy to be able to import waypoints into an offline list. For example: I have a GPX file of cemeteries in my state, and many times I'd like to see which ones are near the caches I'll be visiting. Similarly, I also have a GPX file of waterfalls and like to see if any of them are in the vicinity. Maybe feature to consider "one day." James
  15. brudderman

    Export as GPX - Why?

    Thanks, rragan! I now see what I was doing wrong. After the first capture of a group of caches along a route, I should have been saving to an offline list right then with subsequent captures being saved into that list. I was trying to do all of the captures and then save to a single list at the end. Thanks to you and MrGigabyte for alerting and helping me with this option!