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  1. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    Thank you!!! I didn't know that you could bulk add the displayed list of live caches to an offline map. This is perfect. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
  2. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    It is useful to a degree, but to show current and planned hides, with circles, on the same map... I have to create an offline version of every live cache in the area. Thats a lot of typing. Another alternative that I've been doing to see both on the same map is... instead of creating offline geocaches, I update the solved coordinates of puzzle caches in some random state I may never visit with my desired coordinates. When I refresh the map, these "solved" caches show up on the map where I want them to be, along-side the live caches.
  3. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    I find the radius circles a valuable tool when planning cache placements in a somewhat dense cache area. I've done what you said and have created offline caches that reflect the positions of the live caches, but it is tedious. I can add a marker to the live map and click "save location" but that doesn't draw the perimeter radius around it.
  4. Is there a way to see offline caches on the live map? This would be very helpful for planning cache placements. I can only see how to view offline caches or live caches. Would love to see my offline caches on the live map. Thanks.