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Login request times out everytime

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I bought the app yesterday, today it had a few hiccups, so I decided to delete and reinstall the app.


I had a problem of not being able to login again, it just gave me a blank 'logged in as'. I found out where to sign out in the end, did that, but now I cannot log in again, the request keeps timing out. I have no clue what to do now.


I tried it on wifi as well as on the mobile network. Excellent reception for both, all other apps are working fine, but Cachly just doesn't seem to get any connection. Any ideas on what to do next? I was planning on using the app this afternoon...


Thanks in advance!



Edit: It seems that Geocaching.com is down, that is most likely the source of the problem. Will try again later!

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Yes, I just checked their status.geocaching.com page and it does show about a 2 hour outage which was likely the cause of your issues.


Can you let me know what other "hiccups" you were having so that I can address those? Thanks!

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